We could introduce our athlete mentors, but we thought it might be better to let them introduce themselves…

Trent Cotchin

Hey, I’m Trent! AFL champion and founder of PosiSchools. Watch my video to find out more about me and why I believe in this initiative.

Ash Barty

Hi Everyone, I’m Ash. Tennis World Number 1 and PosiSchools ambassador. Watch my clip to find out why I believe a positive start to the day is the only way!

Sam Willoughby

Hey Guys I’m Sam, former Olympic BMX rider. Having been through a few major challenges in my life I am a huge advocate for the power of a positive mindset and incorporating positive habits into your daily routine.

Nedd Brockmann

Hey everyone I’m Nedd Brockmann. Last year I became the fastest ever Australian to run across Australia, completing the run from Perth to Bondi Beach in just over 46 days. I did it to raise money for homelessness, and with the support of Australia we raised $2.5 million. I’m excited to help inspire kids of Australia to believe they can achieve any challenge they put their mind to.